What information do I need to bring to my appointment?

If you are a new patient you will need to fill out a few brief forms upon arrival. You should also bring your insurance card, driver’s license, a picture ID and a method of payment. Credit Card, Cash, Debit Cards and Personal Checks are accepted.

How do I get a refill prescription?

Refills are typically provided at the time of office visit. Controlled substances are provided exclusively at the time of office visit they will not be “called in.”

What are your co-payment policies?

Copayments must be paid at time of service, based on contractual requirements. Our policy is to collect the copayment upon arrival at check-in.

What are cancellation policies?

Office visits and counseling appointments must be cancelled at least 24hrs in advance or a “no show” fee will be assessed.

Are same day appointments available?

Yes. We can typically accommodate same day or next day appointments. However, not necessarily at the office location of your choice.