Dr. Gammons has a special interest in Men’s Health and testosterone replacement therapy in men.

For over ten years Dr. Gammons has been prescribing testosterone when medically appropriate. Exogenous testosterone can be useful in the treatment of decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, and low energy levels. Testosterone can help to enhance mood and motivation, improve your sex life, and contribute to an enhanced overall quality of life. Dr. Gammons have experience with trans-dermal gel and cream preparations as well as intra-muscular and sub-cutaneous testosterone injections.

And men don’t let erectile dysfunction (ED) interfere with your relationships. Come in and discover what options exist for this very treatable problem. Even if you’ve had only limited success with prescription ED pills, don’t be discouraged. There are many effective and affordable options to treat erectile dysfunction.

Improve your quality of life and feel like you did years ago- you only live once! Schedule an appointment to discuss options for testosterone replacement and treatment of erectile dysfuntion.

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